Friday, August 13, 2010

Freestyle Friday......Worn Out Edition

* My cousin-in-law (if there is such a thing) passed last night. I feel some kinda way about it. Dude hadn't been in the family that long and we weren't BFFs, but the times we did interact were cool. Peace to him.

* No matter how Mitrice Richardson died, it's still on that sheriff's department. First off, they could have just given her a citation for the dine and dash. Secondly, they should have never let a woman wander off in the dead of the night. I hope her family sues the pants off them.

* I got some big plans in the works and I'm hella stoked. Really time for me to put this ambition and ideas to good use. Doesn't hurt to make some paper off it either. I'm shooting to be a multi-billionaire but I could rest easy being a multi-millionaire.

* This week has been way too long. I'm running on fumes mentally. Physically, I feel great working out has given me a lot of energy. Doesn't hurt that this fine chick with a killer bawd works out around the same time I do. Usually she's in longer shorts and a t-shirt, the other day she came in a tank top and some little shorts......I almost fell off the treadmill looking.

* I realized that it's been a minute since I've been on a real date. It's been even longer since I've been on a second date. I know I'm picky, but dang you would think I would have stumbled into a date by now. #shrug

* I'm feeling some kinda way about my upcoming class reunion. I'm trying to believe that at least a couple classmates will be on some chill tip. We shall see.

* God is always in control. I'd rather have Him in my life then try to go at this alone. #madthankful

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K. said...

Sorry to read about your cousin-in-law (I vote that there is, indeed, a such thing.) May he rest in peace.

The Richardsons should definitely sue. The sheriff's office was definitely negligent.

I like money and I'm smart. Just sayin...

Hey, if gym chick is switching up the attire, maybe you'll be going a real date sooner than you think. Perhaps she's noticed you sliding off the treadmill when she's near.

I doubt I'll attend my reunion when it comes. Most of my classmates that I care about know how I am and what I'm doing already.