Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Music On My Mind

For the last few days, I have been bumping this album. It's been a minute since I had an album that I just wanted to listen to all day long. I guess it shows how far music has fallen or how different music has become.

There is one particular song that I really seem to enjoy. Track number 10, "Lovelier than You". When you first hear it, you probably think it's a country western song. Just let the guitar soothe you as he paints a picture of this woman he wants to have one of these days. Even if he doesn't get her, he knows she's top notch and will always be. Peep the hook:

If I could rewind
both the hands of time
still I would never find
a lovelier design
than you, nothing's lovelier than you

It's dope because hip-hop love songs are on the verge of extinction. I mean to some of these folk "lick you like a lollipop" is their idea of a rap love song. I'm glad to see that even in the landfill that we call a music scene, you can still find a treasure amongst all the trash. Good music just puts you in a good mood. *turns headphones up* Peace.

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