Thursday, April 15, 2010

Even Without The Bread Crumbs....

My homie disclosed to me on yesterday that an ex of hers is trying to get at her. I have no problem with reconciliations when both parties have fixed issues and they are both single. My homie is off the market and the ex is pulling out all the stops to get at her.

This chick is a cool chick in her own right but she dogged my homie out. Seems like the nicer my homie treated her, the worse the chick acted. My homie was always there for the chick, even after they broke up and the chick got beat on by her new girlfriend.

It no longer shocks me that *some/average* women have an infantile like need for excitement (read:drama). They will bounce around from mate to to mate to satisfy that need. Women will date the playa/deadbeat/thug/jerk/etc for years then when their eggs start to dry up or that bed gets colder want to return to the nice/decent person. I'm sorry but you're not gonna ho-hop for 9 years then come running back to me. What I look like marrying the town beatpiece?

I'm not saying just because someone is "nice" you should be with them. However, if have someone who loves you and goes all out and in for you, cherish them. This isn't Hollywood, it's rare that a person like that is just going to sit around and wait for you. Nor are they gonna leave their new mate at the altar when you stand up to object. Don't wait til it's gone to realize how great someone is. Peace.

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