Friday, April 23, 2010

Freestyle Friday: Drinks and Draft Edition

* My homies and I have started a Thursday Pub Night. Last night was our first installment. I had a blast. These ladies are good peoples. Here's to many more.

* I keep hearing from people that I give off a playa-type vibe. I feel that I'm far from a playa. I know I'm pretty smooth and laid back. Maybe that's where that comes from. I have no game, women just understand my story.

* Getting ready to sack up and handle some business. Hoping it turns out in my favor. Win, lose, or draw I have to take charge of this situation.

* I love love British slang. I can't wait to actually be able to call someone a wanker or tosser.

* I really like the security dude. He's an older kat, but he always speaks to me by name and daps me up. It's funny to see him kee-keein' with me then straighten up and get serious when someone else comes by.

* My craving this week is waffles. I went out and bought some Eggos. I see that being dinner at least 2 nights over the weekend. Perhaps even breakfast. Rice is still in the mix, but the waffles are runnin' things this week.

* I don't ever want to rush time, but I'm getting hella stoked about the upcoming college football season. I really think my Razorbacks are ready to make that push to the next level. I don't like all the press they're getting. Want them to fly under the radar so teams won't see the beatdown coming.

* This is the longest my hair has ever been and some days its kinda weird to see. I could grow a little hair back when I was permed/braided. However, it never went down my back. This is new, but it's a good look. I love my locs.

* Gonna go see The Losers this weekend. Idris Elba (super sexy) and Zoe Saldana (super fine) on the same screen? Count me in!

Bonus cut: I did a guest blog for my good homie me work

Locked out edit: It was just brought to my attention that my comments section was jacked. Happy to report, this error has been fixed. Comment away!

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