Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't Be Ashamed.....Let It Hang

As I was driving into work this morning, I decided to listen to the radio for a minute. For the most part, my radio gets no play because the music is wack. I digress. Bruno Mars' song, I reckon it's called Just the Way You Are was on.

The song reeks of corniness, don't get me wrong. However, it goes right in line with a convo I was having with a homie of mine the other day. She was telling me how self conscious she is about her body. Even more so since she had a child a few years back. Personally, I think she looks great now and looked great back in college. I've noticed this is a recurring theme with a lot of women I know. Whilst I think they look amazing, they're seeing something completely different in their mirrors.

Every chick that I've whatevered with has made a comment at some point in time about their body. It's such a hard situation to be in when your chick says to you "ughh I hate my stomach/thighs/legs/etc". If you feel some kinda way about your body, then by all means make that change for yourself. Don't do it for me, your fam, the next person, etc. I think you're awesome just the way you are.

If I'm dealing with you, it's obvious that I don't give a crap about that you have a pooch, dimples on your other cheeks, or stretchmark on your thighs. I enjoy those imperfections just as much as I enjoy your perfections. I like seeing you nakey. I like caressing and touching every inch of you. That scar you got from falling off your bike when you were 11? I find it tres sexy. With me, I don't want you to feel embarrassed or self conscious. So come out........dougie in your draws, breakdance in your birthday suit....tis all good. Peace.


K. said...

I have dougied in my draws, but nekkid breakdancing sounds pretty painful, homes. On a serious note, I know every chick has her insecurities, but nothing kills relationships for me faster than having to constantly reassure a girl. If I'm with you, I like the way you look/are!

AquariusSoul said...

every person on earth has something on their body that they don't like. The key is to love yourself despite the perceived flaw. Easier said than done, but its possible. This is inter-related to you previous post about mental health...if u hate yourself/body in anyway...consider working out any self image issues that you have. Life will be a much happier experience.