Monday, May 17, 2010

Freestyle Friday: Monday Edition

My blogging has taken a hit because of unexpected blockage at work. However, the show must go on. Ya'll know the drill: off the top, unabashed and unedited.

* After being pulled in 23973 directions last week, I feel like things are starting to slow down. I've very happy about this because I'm not sure how much more my body could have taken.

* I'm really praying and believing that my laptop is recovered in good shape. There are so many pictures, songs, movies (#hehe) on there that I really would like back. If you're the praying type, throw some up for me.

* I'm still being a wussy about something in my life. I shoulda pissed a long time ago but here I still sit on the toilet. I've decided that next chance I get.....I'm just gonna do it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained eh?

* I really enjoy hanging out with the homies on Thursdays. It's really dope to have friends who are like minded and cool. Sidenote: if you're ever in Houston go to the Front Porch Pub and have some frozen screwdrivers.

* I really don't want to believe that C could have been behind all of this. I've left her alone, no need for her to come at me like that. If it is found out she knew anything about the words of my homie Steph..."she gonna get fucked off".

* Got some good opportunities popping up. Even more exciting than the ones in the past. Gonna put out good vibes and stay prayerful.

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