Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Angel I Knew Not the Devil I Know

A loyal reader asked me yesterday about the one woman who ever caught my heart. Their question was “what did she have that no other woman you’ve been out didn’t?” First off, excellent question . I usually try not to get too deep but since this question falls in line with Relationshits week, I will answer it.

C is the only woman that I’ve loved. Truth be told, I loved her from the first time I met her. It was something about her that immediately clicked the day I shook her hand. I felt a connection to her. That connection was put on hold for a couple years, but when I saw her again, I felt the same way I felt freshman year. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that I loved her from jump.

I think what I loved most about C is that she “got” me. She knew when I was being funny and when I was being serious. She knew when to actually listen to me and when to just tune me out. When she listened, she actually listened. I could always tell by how her eyebrows would wrinkle up. She understood that I let people in slowly. She never pushed me and I appreciated that.

Whether I was having the best day ever or the worst day in history, she was my first phone call/visit. Just hearing her say it would be okay would put my mind at ease. Looking into her eyes just made me feel like all was well with the world. The way she would stroke my hair. Her embrace. She just knew how to make everything okay.

She actually could make me laugh. For the longest, I thought she had no sense of humor. Then one day out the blue she started cracking funny jokes. What I liked about her jokes is that they weren’t obvious. Her jokes were stealth and cerebral. She laughed at my jokes. Not that dry canned laughter, but she would be almost in tears laughing. I loved her laugh. She wasn’t afraid to get silly with me. Water fights, wedgies, burping contests, the whole nine.

She took no mess off me. She challenged me. A lot of women let me get away with anything. Not C. If I was out of line, she’d call me on it. I appreciate the fact she made me want to be a better woman. At the time, I really didn’t know much about love. Up until then, I knew stick and move. She showed me a lot about love.

Granted that she’s now out of my life but she was important part of my life. I made a lot of mistakes and so did she. I just hope she learned as much from me as I learned from her. Peace.

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