Monday, April 25, 2011

Put Away the Measuring Cup

As cool and confident as I am, I sometimes have feelings of inadequacy. That feeling that makes me wonder "am I *insert adjective* to do *insert task/person (LOL)*"? Most people experience these feelings after a disappointment or heartbreak. With me, they seem to come right before I decide to undertake a project/task/etc.

I know in life, we use others as benchmarks. We measure and compare ourselves to friends, family, celebrities, so on and so forth. We think of how we may not be where we expected to be at our age. We see others who are where we expected to be and we get down on ourselves. We rarely stop to think how that person got there. We never stop to think of how that is that person's course, not ours.

Just because I'm not there yet does not mean I'm not *insert adjective again* to get there. I'm learning each day to keep being the best me I can be. Stay on my course. Stop internalizing and over-analyzing. I know that with God and the correct attitude, there is nothing that I cannot do. Onward and upward. Peace.

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