Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rules of Disengagement

I let go with a yo-yo. I throw it as hard as I can. I see the ball in the distance thinking that's far enough. However, it always comes back. I want you gone but I want you close enough so that I can catch a glimpse of you. Sadly, no matter how far I throw you, I almost look forward to you coming back.

Maybe I like my yo-yo. I throw it, it goes on a trip, it comes back to me. I inspect it. Check it out. See how it's been. After I feel as if I've engaged long enough, I throw it again. That string still connecting us. I whistle while my yo-yo spins out and away from me. I kee-kee while it whirls at the end of the string. Before I know it, the yo-yo is back and we start the cycle again.

This time, it's all me. It's nothing you do. I just can't seem to find the way to completely disengage. Oh, I've mastered out of sight out of mind. I've becoming fluent in selective amnesia. I even dabble in trip or two to Egypt. Just can't figure out how to disengage.

It's so hard to resist. I still haven't learned how. Cut the string. Give the yo-yo away. Just disengage. I'm trying. Peace.

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bmr3166 said...

Well written....and nice play of figurative language.

"Disengaging" is never easy when you have true feelings for someone. However, if you really want to free yourself, cut the strings on that yo-yo, and remember....time heals. **wink**