Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get Off That Figure 8 Course

I hate to see folk struggling with the same issue time and time again. It shows no growth when you are struggling with an issue that was troubling you 6 months ago. I call this a Figure 8 course. The person skates away only end up going in circles.

I just think after a certain age, you shouldn't struggle with your sexuality. I'm sorry. You just shouldn't. I know that God can change any situation around. If you truly want to be delivered from teh ghey or whatevy, I'm certain he can do it. However, God isn't in the business of delivering the wishy washy, the undecided, the fence straddler, etc.

I'm sure there are some out there shaking their head over what I just said. Hear me out though. This person thinks of their sexuality as an addiction and/or affliction, then why can't they be delivered? Personally I believe that you can stop doing "gay stuff". That is where the choice aspect of sexuality comes into play. However, you're still gay because that's just in you. That's where the nature aspect comes into play.

We get past all of that and you tell me "LI, I'm done with women. I'm gonna get me a husband". Now I'm no relationshipologist, but I'm quite certain the husband is gonna wanna consummate the marriage at some point in time. If that's not enough, you follow up with "Hopefully our (friend and her ex-GF) husbands won't mind us getting together from time to time". Really? So you're just gonna talk out of both sides of your neck like that eh?

Navigating your sexuality when you're in your teens, early 20s, possibly even mid 20s is rough. You're still learning about yourself and life. Some level of flip flopping is understood. Once you get north of 27, there is no country for it. No one will ever accept you, if you don't accept yourself. Peace.

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