Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adventures In Open-Mindedness

Last week, I signed up for an online dating site. If I can use the interwebs to find out whether my fave athlete's dump sank or floated, why can't I use it to meet chicks? I've heard horror stories about online dating and I've seen success stories from online dating. I thought to myself "self, you've had horror stories with chicks you met IRL, give this thing a real shot".

Previously, my close mindedness would have set in and I would have said fahgeddabouit. Not this time, I signed up, created a profile, and begin to navigate the site. I browsed through the profiles and made notes of who I may want to contact later.

A couple days later I get notification that I have some messages. First message: "wuts gud ma".....#smacksforhead. Immediately I regret this decision to try online dating. Click to the next message...oh a real message with something to say. It wasn't a long message, but it got the point across. I go to her profile and what do I see by age? Twenty-two. Seven (soon to be six) years younger, wow. I know we're both adults, but I couldn't help but to think of how when I was a senior in college, she was like a sophomore in HS. Or even worse, when I was senior in HS, she was in elementary school.

I read her words, look at her pictures, then I head back to my inbox. She didn't come at me sideways and she's not a mudduck, I can at least respond and be cordial. After a few rounds of corresponding back and forth, I see that she's hella cool. Likes sports, drinks beer, and has a few jokes. I'm not very versed in online dating, but I figured I'd do how I'd do offline: if I feel like we vibing a bit, let's go ahead and meet up to see what's what. We agreed to link up that evening to catch a game and grab a brew.

Long story short, I had a good time. A few months ago, I probably would have offered her a lollipop and told her to scram. I'm getting better with this wall and tunnel vision. Not there yet, but I believe I'm heading in the right direction. Peace.

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