Friday, March 2, 2012

Born Day Musings and Reflections

As I laid in bed late last night, I thought back on how when I was younger I felt 30 was so old. Then, the clock struck midnight and there I was. I waited for my hair to turn gray, a hump to form, even a slight change in my vision. Didn't happen. All I felt was gratitude and optimism.

My roaring 20s had some terrible times. I experienced some of the lowest of the lows but I never wanted to be anything other than alive. I didn't make millionaire status; however, I feel like I'm definitely on the path to making my dreams a reality. I lost my mother and while it almost crushed me, I drew upon her love and strength to pull through. I wish she could be here to see the woman that I became and the person that I am becoming.

On the flip side, there were countless numbers of beautiful and amazing things that happened to me in my 20s. I finished university on the 4 year plan. Worked for some top notch corporations. Started my own company. Welcomed more nieces and nephews into the world. Developed a new and fresher relationship with my father. Discovered the joys of single malt scotch. Saw the Knicks make the playoffs with a non sub .500 record. Fell in love. There are numerous other things, but this is a blog, not a manifesto.

So to my 30s and beyond, I welcome you with open arms. I look forward to all you have to offer. I look forward to making major strides in the ever evolving process in getting to where I want to be. I look forward to being wiser, stronger, healthier, more focused, more faithful, and any other superlative that will assist in me along the way. Cheers to my 20s, and here's to the next chapters. Peace.

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aquariusSoul said...

very insightful. welcome to the 30's!