Monday, January 23, 2012

Taking a Page From the Ultimate Playbook

It's amazing how good God is; I marvel at how he places people, words, etc in our paths exactly when we need it. Yesterday's word at church was "Be Encouraged". Last week was rough and overall, these last 6 months have had some less than stellar moments. God knew I needed to hear that and I'm glad I did.

Last night, I was laying in bed and a huge smile came over my face. I could hear my mother saying one of her favorite phrases..."Hallelujah Anyhow". That was my mother's go-to phrase. No matter how bad any situation she was facing was, she would always lift up her hands and say hallelujah anyhow. I knew at that moment that all is going to be more than well. If my mother, while her body was being eaten by cancer, could still find the wherewithal to praise Him anyhow , surely I can do the same in less dire straits.

My mother prayed and prayed and prayed some more. She had faith for things that she will never physically see. Even if I never prayed in my life, I'd be living off the prayers my mother prayed. The way she prayed, my children will be living off the prayers their grandmother prayed. We got reserves like the 10th man off the bench.

After that epiphany, I'm fully adopting my mother's mantra. I know it won't be easy because that level of faith and trust takes discipline. Shoot, we can't praise Him when we stub our toe sometimes. However, it can be done and I know the results are going to be amazing. Peace.

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