Friday, March 16, 2012

Freestyle Friday: Spring Forward Edition

Act like you know: I ramble, you read. Ready...break!

* Been sporting this 3-0 for a couple weeks now, so far so good.

* Each day I fall more in love with my girlfriend. Some days are really hard with the distance but just hearing her voice puts this smile on my face that I can't wipe off. And don't even get me started on how much of a blessing Skype is.

* Major major big time things on the horizon for me. This will be a springboard for sure.

* Really can't clap to March Madness this year. Maybe it's the lack of upsets (so far) or maybe it's not as fun when you're not watching games at work. Football where are you?

* I have to remind myself that my other sister is ignant. I hate that I let myself get bent out of shape over some foolishness she said to me. I must realize that not everyone is as ridiculous as her.

* The story about Trayvon Martin gets to me. I read a lot of news, but this story just sticks with me. Maybe because I think of my oldest nephew who will be a teen soon. Minority life seems to have no value in the US.

* That Audi S4 is way too tough. It will be my next car. Don't like that it's not available with a V8, but I can live with a V6.

* Lately, I've gotten into The First 48. It's sad and fascinating at the same time. Sad because 99.9998 of the murders are over some really dumb stuff. Also it's always a minority victim and perp. We gotta stop the violence, for real.

* God is good. I'm so thankful where He's brought me and excited about where He's taking me.

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For-The-Masses said...

About time you wrote a blog entry. The First 48 is my ish. Travyon's murder because it is a murder is one of the saddest stories I have read pertaining to our Black men this year. Audi's are hella sexy! My ramble, watch the Knicks win a few more games now, I have a feeling.