Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Shouldn't Had Left You Without a Dope Blog to Read Through

All late and stuff, but Merry New Year! It has been a long time since I blogged, but good things come to those who wait and all that jazz. Since I can't pick one topic to jump back in with, I'll just ramble and make it work.

The relationship - Things are going quite well. Rosalita and I spent close to a month together all over these United States. Finally got that first disagreement out of the way. I need to work on my disagreement skills. I've always been the type to choose to drop it rather than risk having a blow-up. I'm learning that getting upset isn't a bad thing. Even in the best of relationships, there's bound to be heated discussions.

She's so loving and supporting. I know that she has my back at all times. There's nothing good she wants for herself that she doesn't want for me. It's so amazing what you find when you're not looking. This distance blows but it has allowed us to really get to know one another and build a solid foundation.

Kwanzaa - I've never celebrated it in my life, heck I really didn't know anything about it. Rosalita's family not only celebrates it but basically runs the city wide celebrations. I thought it was hella sexy watching her lead the various celebrations. I learned quite a bit and I will say the emancipation bread is frickin' delicious.

Now I wouldn't be me if I didn't go there: TONS of bohos at the celebrations. You know the "answer the phone with 'peace', Egyptian musk wearing, incense #9 burning, swine is the debil, poetry spittin', so Afrocentric our kids have to be homeschooled" types. Don't get me wrong I love being black and all that good stuff, but the bohos take it way too far. My eyes swelled with tears of joy when I saw this boho chick with her white boyfriend.

What I learned over my Christmas vacation:

* I will have to find another airline for my visits to Ohio. Southwest flew me all over the world. Why fly me to the east coast to get to the Midwest?

* I'm a sulker. I knew I had a hard time hiding disdain, but I wasn't aware I sulked. Working on it.

* Baby drag queens are blockers. LOL.

* Old folks dip out after the champagne toast on New Years. Full crowd at 11:30 pm and crickets at 12:17 am.

* You can actually get decent Mexican food in the WHA served by real Mexicans.

Any resolutions, LI? Nope. I'm just gonna continue to have faith and trust God in all aspects of my life. If I do that, I will be blessed immensely in all ventures, relationships, and endeavors. Peace.

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Ty said...

On my way home from meditation today, I happened to take a whiff of my jacket and lo and behold it was incense central. The first thought that crossed my mind immediately after was "Egyptian musk wearing, incense #9 burning" and I couldn't stop laughing. That line is now permanently engraved in my mind.