Friday, September 9, 2011

Freestyle Friday Pt. 4781636

Appears that the blogosphere has been pretty active, so I reckon I'll churn out one as well. You know how this works. I say what's on my dome and ya'll leave the money in the hat by the door.

* Insanity workouts are NO JOKE!! This stuff is kicking my arse, but I think I like it. Masochist much? The exercises aren't over difficult, but it's hella intense.

* If this new team member doesn't work out, I'm going dolo. Putting a staff together was supposed to speed things up, not bring them to a grinding halt.

* I'm enjoying living with the fam and I'm hella grateful for a roof over my head. However, I'm not built for this suburb living. I like being around the action and close to my homies. Even when I get married, I still want to live in the city.

* I need some new sneakers. I need some new t-shirts from Karmaloop. I need some new Polos. Okay, I'll just say I need to go shopping.

* I want to dj a gig. It's been a minute since I gigged and I'm getting the itch.

* I'm so stoked about football season. Really hoping the Razorbacks take a big step forward this year. If the Titans don't win the division, they're more hopeless than I thought.

* I'm intrigued. I'll leave it at that for now.

Until next time.....peace!


Ty said...

Preach on Insanity! I started 2 weeks ago and my greatest accomplishment is making it through the warm up without waving the white flag... how far into it are you?
Intrigued??? You can't leave your humble readers hanging like that

LaconicIcon said...

Hey, good to see you back on the blog rounds. I just started week 2. It's kicking me sideways, but I'm hanging in there. LOL, I'll delve deeper into the intrigue if it comes to that.