Friday, September 23, 2011

Freestyle Friday: Farewell Summer Edition

Ya'll know the routine: I ramble, you read. Everybody wins!

* I finally got baptized this week. I managed to make it 29 years without ever doing so (no braggo). I got a little sad because I wish my mommy could have been there.

* Yeah, tis the first day of a fall. However, in Houston that really doesn't make a difference. I do enjoy fall though especially the Polo collection.

* I was glad to see folk come together about Troy Davis. I didn't like all the "aboveitall" type smarty art ninjas who felt the need to belittle everyone who showed concern. Just because a person isn't on the twitter picket line everyday doesn't mean they're unaware. And even if you were unaware before, the fact that you chose to be aware says a lot.

* I'm a little nervous about the decision I made to become my little sister's legal guardian. The good news is she's a teenager, so I don't have to worry about daycare and the like. The bad news is that she's a teenager, so I do have to worry about boys, drugs, and the like. I'm confident I can do this, I have to do this.

* I believe I finally have the correct second in command. This chick is a hard worker and you can tell she's hungry. She almost makes me feel as if I'm not working hard enough. Still praying and believing that we get this up and running...quickly.

* No low self-esteemo but I'm amazed sometimes at the confidence certain people have in me. Listening to them talk about me to others, I would think I'm the next Peter Lynch or Warren Buffett. I'll claim that.

* I'm a bit uneasy about being intrigued. I'll leave it at that for now.

Happy first day of fall. Peace.


Anonymous said...

-Congrats on being baptized!! :-)

-We had a cold front for about two weeks, now we are back to some summer type weather. I don't want the fall to come! *pout*

-My heart still hurts for Troy Davis and his family. I read a report about a 14 year old boy who was executed many years ago.. smh

-Even with all of those concerns, let's remain positive that it will have little to no relation to your little sister. :-) Certain you will make a wonderful guardian.

-lol @ second in command. It is so important to have people on your team who are just as passionate, if not more!

-Nothing feels better than the confidence from others on your behalf. :-) You'll be great!

-What are you intrigued by? Do tell.

LaconicIcon said...

Thanks for the kind words. -__- @ your last comment.