Monday, September 12, 2011

The Parker Brothers Weren't Bout That Life

I know the game. I've played the game. I've been played by the game. I've successfully gamed the game a few times in life. I've schooled people to the game. I've been schooled by the game.

The game stays gaming. The game is zero sum...for every winner someone must lose. Even still, for every one person who walks away from the game, there's 10 more running to the table. The game doesn't care about your feelings. The game doesn't care about your past, not concerned about your present. All the game requires is your presence. As long as you engage, the game pretends to be your friend.

The game doesn't amaze me. Nor does it fascinate or captivate me. Not much I haven't seen from the game because there's nothing new under the sun. The game has tried to reinvent itself. However, if you really know the game, you can see behind the mask.

Like I said, I've been hipped to game. I know some Rhodes Scholars of the game. That was in my younger days. Am I tight that I got gamed? Not at all. Experience is the best teacher. I studied the game, not to avoid it, but to game someone else. Pay it forward right?

The game and I had some good times. I taught the game how to disguise itself. When I met the game, it was rough and unpolished. Don't get me wrong, it was very potent, but it didn't know how to talk to people. It didn't know how to put on that smile and get to sit on the white couch in the sitting room (ya'll Southerners know what I'm talking about). I showed the game how to have a business mind. I upgraded the game.

Sounds like you and the game had a nice arrangement. We did. I got older and wiser and decided the game wasn't for me anymore. I dapped the game up and it understood that where I wanted to be, it couldn't go. I was proud of the game for understanding that our arrangement was purely business. I was even prouder of myself that I could walk away from it. Now, I'm supercool, living a life free of the game and all of its trappings.

Don't get it twisted though, I still know the game well. Frill. Peace.

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