Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'll Take One More Question From You in the Back

Blogger has been re-blocked at work, so my blog entries have dwindled down to nothing. Yes, I have the interwebs at home, but most times I'm either doing some other ish or into some other ish. Not tonight, I am determined to get a blog in. I decided to blog using questions I think my readers would be asking right about now.

What has been going on with our fearless hero? Everything and nothing.

Has your roomie left? He should be out by the end of the month.

Have you heard from C? No, she is ignoring me I think.

How do you feel about C right now? I miss her at times, but such is life.

How was your NYE? It was awesome. Nawlins is a cool city. Lesson: go in the summer so you can wear shorts. Bourbon St. is filthy.

What's troubling you right now? The fact that I'm sitting on an iceberg right now (some of ya'll will get that one in the car).

What did you think about The Game premiere? It's a decent show for what it is. I wish folk would stop acting like it's the pinnacle of black television.

How do you feel about the new Facebook profiles? They SUCK! Glad I'm pretty much a full blown tweeter.

Which one of your followers would you "would" repeatedly? Hehe....I'm sure they know. If you're reading.....*waves*.

Will you tell us more about your twitter-boo? Nope, why you being all nosey. Snookums, if you're reading....."hey boo".

How are you liking the cold weather? I'm not! Any temps below 50 degrees make my butt itch. I need the thermometer to get closer to 60.

Heard any good albums lately? Nope. There are a couple newer singles I like: Keri Hilson's Pretty Girl Rock and Lloyd's Lay Your Head......#goaheadjudgeme

Will we get another entry before your birthday? Ya'll got jokes I see. This interview is over. *puts hand over camera*

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