Thursday, July 22, 2010

Labels? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Labels!

The other night at a happy hour, a group of lesbians got together and discussed various topics. One of the topics was a go-around the table and pick a label whether you label yourself or not. To the dismay of some, I went with soft stud (#cringe).

I don't have any problems with labels. How else would I know to dry clean only or if that cleaning product is flammable? I do have a problem with labeling within a label. I don't knock chicks who consider themselves studs, femmes, stems, butch, queer, etc. Personally, I think labels are way too restricting.

Whatever I want to do whether it be paint my toenails hot pink, wear a killer pair of panties, or even let a chick penetrate me.....that's what I'm gonna do. You can sit there and use a label as your guide, but I choose to let me be my guide. You can let a label run your life or you can go label-less and run your own life.

I'm sure there are some studs out there who consider me a "poser" or a "fraud". Clothes don't make a person. Clothes are not permanently attached to our bodies. Underneath the Polo, the 501s, the Sperrys is a woman. A woman I'm damn proud to be. So, I'm not your "sir" "king" "prince" "papi" "daddy" or whatever they liked to be called. I may not be brimming with femininity, I embrace what I do have.


Anonymous said...

labels, labels, labels...boy do I hate labels. funny how labels are there for instuctional purposes. ie dry clean only. I dont come with operational instructions...we gonna do what we do.

lesbians who thrive on labels like to be defined (god only knows why) there is not a box big enough to fit my essence.

Pamela E. said...

Hot pink polish ehhhh.. figured you more for a neutral color. lol. j/k