Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daydreamin' and I'm Thinking of You

I was zoned out listening to some tunes and Aretha Franklin's Daydreaming popped on. It is such a smooth tune that is perfect for just lounging. Next thing I know I was daydreaming for real.

My mind wandered thinking about my favorite girl....my mother. Just thinking about her laugh, her hugs, her kisses, her words made me smile so hard. She is still my heart. Such a beautiful person who would give the shirt off her back only to feel bad about not having another shirt to give to the next person.

There are still days where I cry out yearning for her. I'm sure it will be that way even when I'm 98. However, today I smile because I'm daydreaming and I'm thinking of her. I actually can hear her calling my name and it sounds so sweet. Man, I love that woman.

To all ya'll out there who still have your moms, tell her how much you love her. Don't have any beef. Even if she tries to marry you off everyday, take it stride and laugh it off. A wise person once told me that a mother's love is the closest thing to God's love. Time to bounce I wanna hear my name one more time before the Glee finale. Peace.

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Pamela E. said...

I feel ya my friend.... oneluv